One World Wisdom


Susan Moore

What do we do? First, let's get clear that in this country ALL people are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. I have no desire to speculate and categorize the individuals who did this. Whoever they are, they comprise very few people, however powerful.

Whoever prepetrated this, they are fellow human beings one way or another. I suspect the real masterminds may never be discovered. Justice will not be served by labeling whole groups of people just because there are folks who dislike us.

Here's another viewpoint. There are no bad guys. We are ONE. If I look at it from this viewpoint, I am sorry that a part of MY humanity did this deed yesterday. It's a bitter pill to swallow. We have sunk so low, ...again. Just when we thought things were getting better.

It is far more empowering to look within to find preventive remedies than to place blame and fan the flames of hatred. As much as I dislike government control, I expect security policies to be changed for air travel as a result of this.

What about looking at our entire international philosophy? Why is it that our methods have brought about so much hatred? We are a small minority of the world's population. Perhaps there is something fundamentally wrong with our "might makes for control" methods.

Let's move into the heart and look at the perpetrators from that vantage point. God help them. Those who lost their lives in suicidal acts of unthinkable violence. How many lifetimes will it take them to clear this Karmic energy from their souls? How many eons will it take them to open their hearts again, if they ever can? These are the real lost souls - those who have strayed so far from the Truth. Let us pray for them

. What about the masterminds behind the scenes whot did not lose their lives but who might gleefully be enjoying their moment of terrorist prowress and victory. Whoever they are - no matter what race, or religion, or motive - they are stuck in a worldly hell that has trapped them now and perhaps forever. Those of us who live from the heart cannot even comprehend the thinking of these people. And yet, they are members of our human race.

They live in a world where illusory (material) power, greed, money, vengeance, retribution, and control are the only the values that exist. This surely is hell. Let us pray for them.

For those who died, I KNOW that the transition takes place only in the blink of an eye. Their individual spirits will have moved from their bodies even before they physically felt the pain. Our prayers can help them to move into the light, and quickly find their way, away from disorientation, to a better, freer way of being. Let us pray for them.

For those who are injured and suffering, I pray for your speedy healing and give thanks your life was spared. I pray for your strength during times of physical and emotional pain.

May you have grace. For those who lost their loved ones, my heart cries for you. I love you. I pray for you. Here is the loss we can never understand; the grief is real; those we cling to are gone from our grasp. Allow yourselves the grieving time, then move on. Cry now but do not get trapped into the base chakra emotions of fear and retribution. In time you can heal. Love again. Trust again. Life is a great mystery. Your loved ones have Graduated. I cry and pray with you.

Now as a nation, it is time to demonstrate our higher consciousness on many levels of action. If there are bears in the woods and we live in the woods, we build a stronger house. We do not blame the bear.

We need to physically build a stronger house. This is not offense or retribution, it is defense. We need to revamp our international policies so that they reflect the loving consciousness and the practical problem-solving abilities of the American people.

Moving into WILL, it is MY WILL that all people live in peace and brotherhood.


I will encourage investigation and justice, but not hatred or ethnic prejudice. PEACE WILL NOT PREVAIL UPON THIS EARTH UNTIL ALL PEOPLE HAVE BASIC PHYSICAL NEEDS FOR FOOD, SHELTER, WATER AND SAFETY MET.

I WILL live in peace, until my last dying breath. Forgive them, father, they know not what they do.

I WILL live in lightness, knowing I am in God's hands wherever I am. I can still see the leaves on the trees and the grains of sand on the ground. I am in sight of God's miracles and abundance. God, stand with me, please, during my time of trial.

Yes, we are in trial. The greatest time of challenge is upon us. I WILL to walk the narrow pathway, with compassion for all suffering, my mind fixed on solutions, my heart open, and my eyes fixed on the stars

Only in the HEART can we feel the Unity of Humanity. Father, my heart is heavy with a sadness it has never known before. Help me through this time of grief and mystery. Help me to speak of the unspeakable, to comprehend the incomprehensible. Help me to process this deep sadness. Give me the time to heal. Help me to know when the grieving is enough. Guide me gently as I slowly and STEADFASTLY return to joy. I know it is your desire that joy will return to me and my stricken planet. Give me grace within this mystery. I surrender into your hands.

Mother, forgive us. We have once again blighted your beauty with destruction and violence. We are mired in heaviness, anger, sadness and fear. Show us the lessons we need to learn to move out of these energies forever. Show us the pathway. Embrace us in your bountiful love. Keep me bound to your breast as I am destitute with sorrow.

As I know that you answer our prayers, even before we can get the words out of our mouths, I give thanks for your wisdom, patience and love.

Forgive me my disharmony and help me find my way again, past this sorrow.

May there be Compassion, Humility, Wisdom, Unity, Love and Truth in all I feel, see and do.

So be it.


Here ends the prayer.Now for a few practical steps.

1. JOIN the synchronized peace meditations you have noticed on the internet or search for them and find several. If you can't do it at the noted times, meditate (get into a BLISSFUL state) whenever you can, or do it 24/7 with one piece of your consciousness.

2. It is TIME for the lightworkers (and for those who do not use this word, the gentle people of the earth) to pull out all the stops. Use EVERYTHING you know about healing, counseling, prayer, song, dance, energy work, grid work, etc., to FLOOD the earth and its atmosphere with harmony, healing, peace, grace and joy.

3. SURROUND each and every person or icon that your mind is tempted to label as possible suspect or 'bad guy' with a pink and green healing and loving light. Create this light as a filter, through which every outside stimulus must pass to reach the person or organization. Likewise, the filter will suppress any negativity coming from the person's energy field outward. (Wouldn't it be funny that our fear-icons find themselves saying sweet things without knowing why?)

4. USE every means available to you for accentuating, expanding, and harmonizing the energies you send out. Whatever you know how to do with crystals, earth grids, words, chanting, drumming..... some even use the military 'harps' in five key places around the world to BROADCAST love and peace. (In the words of Barbara Wolf, 'a broadcaster is a broadcaster.'

5. CALL on the Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and if you do not use these, God Himself, Mother Earth Herself, the four Directions, and ask them to use their full complement of activity in any form on behalf of the meek and gentle people of this earth who DEMAND PEACE NOW. Higher beings tend not to intercede unless asked, so ASK.

6. Eat right, stay grounded and go about your business. Do not be tempted into fear and depression. Silent meditation will do more good than outward chaotic activity. Act publicly only if you are clear this is your path; it is different for everyone.

7. TURN OFF THE TELEVISION AND THE RADIO. There is no more news, only propaganda.

8. TURN ON your spiritual music, joyful and triumphant music, and dance with your children, anyone handy or yourself. Stay at home and play. Write poetry.

9. IMAGINE THE WORLD as you desire it. Communicate those abundant, peaceful, and joyous images to the world through meditation, the internet, email, and any other method available to you. So Be It!