One World Wisdom


Georgi Streetman

Friends, as we watch the horror taking place we are questioning much. I, like you, am struggling to make sense of what I am seeing on the television screen. Who can make sense of hatred? Or destruction? Of war of any kind? This message has just come through from a good friend of mine, Barbara Mark, who with her sister Trudy Griswold, has authored a number of channeled works, one of which was a bestseller a few years ago, titled "AngelSpeake". By way of background, several years ago, both she and her sister, in different parts of the country, began 'getting messages' at the same time, and directed to write down and teach the information they were being given. Many have been guided to a deeper understanding of God's work through the work of Trudy and Barbara. Please. BE peace today. Perhaps if we each examined what lies in our hearts that is that of unforgiveness, or hatred or judgement, we could see how we contribute to the consciousness of division and hate--no matter the act. Each in our own way. For we are ALL connected, no separation despite borders. And what is felt in one heart is projected to another. We each contribute in some fashion to this travesty today. And its untold consequence. . Some of you will be upset with this message. However, it is my fervent prayer that each see that the ultimate war is not against countries, but against the inhumanity of mankind to its own--the act of aggression against LOVE. No matter how distanced, each act has a consequence on a much higher/deeper level. Please read the words that follow and know that God can only do His work through you. Choose just what it is you will serve.

With a heart full of sorrow for all, Georgi