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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.... Albert Einstein

For me, only the intuitive mind can have compassion for all involved this day last year. I do not see victim and
perpetrator - I only see universal pain expressing itself differently. May you awaken to the wisdom of your spirit
on this day of mourning, remembering, and honoring. Walk in peace...........Natasha


Greetings Everyone,
I went to bed last night with no intention of making my thoughts known concerning 9/11 and woke this morning with the
urge to write. As many of you know, the teachings of the Toltec tell us that our minds dream our reality. I have found myself
marveling at the dreams of our ŗleaders˛ as we pile reaction upon reaction and call it leadership.

Letšs see now. What are the problems of the day? Well, we have terrorism directed at us seemingly breaking out everywhere in the world.
We have our government and business leaders stealing everything in sight including our freedoms. We have the media lying through
their teeth in service to drama, ratings and special interests. Our economy is going in the toilet as are the economies of nearly every
other country in the world as we pretend otherwise. Our formally great systems of government, industry, healthcare, education,
criminal justice and much more wobble crazily as they near their breaking points. Our faith in our institutions wanes, and rightfully so.
Security isn't "out there." Whoa! So many problems.

America has been looking for solutions to these and other problems for many years. Humanity has been looking for solutions to
similar problems for thousands of years. Alas, their resolution eludes us. The dream of fear spins out more of the same solutions
in its never ending cycle of action/reaction unconsciousness.

Fighting terrorism with our own brand of terror will draw a larger wave of terrorism to us. Like attracts like. I think our bigger
fear is losing access to oil......So we attack Iraq under the guise of stamping out terrorism. Guess what wešll attract to ourselves.
More terror and lack of access to oil most likely. How can we dream a different dream?

I think wešre rapidly reaching the point where wešre going to be shaken from our deep slumber. Itšs been said that insanity
is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. The solution to our problems is to WAKE UP! Wešre
experiencing a nightmare that wešve dreamed up. We could just as well choose to dream a different dream, a dream of love and humility.

If we dream a dream of love, there is nothing to fear. Love pulls more love to it. Although my work is principally in the workplace
in dreaming the new dream, we can dream the dream of love in any and all circumstances. Want to transform violence? Dream
non-violent solutions. Want to fix healthcare? Dream wellness. Want the companies and economies of the world to work? Dream
synergy and systems based in support instead of fear and control. Oh, itšs all so simple, yes?

We have one thing going for us that transcends all the fear that drilled into our minds. We are going to experience the shift from
fear to love whether we want to or not. As each fear-based reaction adds more stress to our old systems, we move closer to a
breaking point where the structures will fly into chaos. No one can prevent this natural process of transformation and change.
At the time of this breakdown, we will experience rates of change that are currently unimaginable. This is a very good thing for
humanity and for us as individual human beings. This will clear the decks to dream a completely new dream, a dream based in love.
Of course, if we can begin to dream the new dream now, itšs not necessary to go through the reorder of our old fear-based systems
and thinking in such a dramatic way. We have a choice. We just have to wake up to that universal truth. Then, we can direct our
minds to dream a new dream. Giving myself a choice, Išll dream heaven on earth. How about you?

With Much Love, David